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Faith and Hope Cards


Text Box: This is a business which we have set up after many years producing similar material on a voluntary basis.  We are based in South East London — we offer bespoke and personal design services with an emphasis on the needs of those who worship in the Catholic tradition. We also have Christmas Cards and Birthday Cards of our own design on sale.
The purpose of this site is to illustrate our work, the basis of our work, who we are and what we are about and why we have gone into doing what we do.  You can read about us by clicking on the ‘About Us’ tab on the left.  From the content of this site, you will see what we have on offer in terms of current cards for sale and also our potential for producing further bespoke work according to customer demand.  Click on ‘Birthday Cards’ and ‘Christmas Cards’ to see what we have on offer together with the prices and if you go to ‘Product Detail’ you will see the design detail of our cards on sale at present.  Our ‘Service List’ shows the kind of bespoke design work we offer (with some examples) to Clergy and individuals at the moment which marks our particular style - we tailor everything according to your particular requirements.
The Birthday and Christmas Cards you will see for sale on this site is an example of our future potential.  This is just what we have on offer at the moment.  
We have many other ideas for the design production of cards and our aim is to have a much bigger range according to demand (see ‘Sympathy Cards’ and ‘Get Well Cards’, for example).
We would particularly welcome sales to Church Repositories and could offer a discount for those who wish to purchase in bulk.  If you are responsible for a Repository or know someone who is, please do get in touch to find out more.
We have some testimonials from Clergy who have known us personally for many years also with whom we have worked with on a voluntary and also commercial basis over the years we have been training ourselves for this kind of design work.  We hope you will find these encouraging reading.

Text Box: Based in South East London, we are a husband and wife team committed to promoting the Catholic faith and bringing the light of Christ and hope to others through our design work.

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